About Us

"Collecting Knives and Saving Lives"

Word 4 Weapons is the UK’s Leading Weapons Surrender Charity we are “Collecting Knives and Saving Lives”.

Tens of thousands of knives, guns and other weapons have been voluntarily surrendered in our Knife Bins, with your support we will continue to collect much more and save many lives.

Word 4 Weapons is a multi-award winning, faith based organisation founded in 2007 by Michael Smith, who in 2016 received an MBE from HM Queen for his work with Word 4 Weapons.

The aim of Word 4 Weapons is to counteract the increasing level of knife and gun crime which is devastating our communities. We have a number of knife bins across Greater London and the West Midlands. Weapons are being used openly on our streets leaving individuals in fear, injured or killed. We are doing something different to bring back the true value of life to a society that is becoming numb to violent crime.


Our Mission Statement

To help create safer communities in which to live and work by promoting the voluntary surrender of knives and other weapons

Establishing firm links with organisations that through ethical and moral values support young people and help them to turn their lives around in a positive way.

Michael Smith MBE

Founder & CEO

I started Word 4 Weapons in 2007 whilst working in public service. I was devastated at that time with the amount of young lives that had been lost needlessly to knife crime. As CEO, my heart is to see an end to the scourge that still plagues societies across the country. In 2015, I took early retirement from my full time career in order to dedicate more of my time to the charity. I feel blessed to have such a valued and committed team, who work tirelessly towards the end goal of reducing knife and gun crime. 

Camara Fearon

Senior Coordinator & PA to Michael Smith

Alan Bishop

Senior Coordinator

I retired in 2012 after 40 plus years of Public Service and began volunteering with Word 4 Weapons. My roles include liaising with clients to host knife bins, site visits and risk assessments, overseeing bin installations and removals, Schools Workshops and a list of other things too numerous to mention!

My main aim is getting knives and other weapons off the streets by educating our young people away from carrying them and safely/anonymously disposing of them in our secure bins.