About Us

"Collecting Knives and Saving Lives"

Word 4 Weapons is a leading UK weapons-surrender charity established, in 2007 and holds a legacy of award-winning achievements. Our impact is undeniable. As an estimation over the years, we have removed, eliminated tens of thousands of knives, oftentimes guns, and other deadly weapons from our streets. Individuals can anonymously and safely deposit knives of any type in a W4W bin. Members of the public, having recognised the gravity of knife related incidents, have willingly deposited weapons in our Knife Bins – Public support and community support are crucial, and their involvement cannot be under-estimated.

Word 4 Weapons knife amnesty bins are also in other UK towns, and cities outside of London, we also offer a range of education and training for schools, parents, and youth workers, which will provide awareness sessions, as well as a range of useful resources.

With your support, we pledge to continue our relentless pursuit of collecting weapons, saving lives. W4W stands by our mantra, ‘Collecting Knives, Saving Lives,’ and our mission remains unwavering, to forge safer communities through the voluntary surrender of knives and use the use of your words, rather than a weapons. Let your words, be your weapon.