We have installed a number of knife bins across Greater London and other parts of the UK.They are primarily positioned away from CCTV allowing weapons to be deposited anonymously.

There are too many lives being lost through the use of weapons on UK’s streets. We are playing our part in an attempt to save lives by installing secure knife bins across the country.

If you are caught with a weapon you could end up in prison. However, this is nothing compared to the suffering you’ll receive if you get into a fight with someone who also has a weapon. Statistically you are more likely to be seriously hurt or fatally wounded by your own weapon, than by someone else’s weapon. THINK BEFORE YOU CARRY A WEAPON!

To date, tens of thousands of weapons have been deposited in our bins and with your help we will collect many more. Together we are “Collecting Knives and Saving Lives”.

Knife Bin Locations in Greater London

Please select a location from the drop down list below, and press the ‘Go’ button. This will take you to a page giving the full address and map for the location.

Knife Bin Locations Outside of London